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Why should you publish with LL.B Mania Blog?

LL.B Mania is one of the fastest-growing legal blogs in India. As of now, it is read in 35+ countries, After India major audience of LL.B Mania is from the United States of America & European Union. So the biggest reason why you should publish with us is huge viewership at the National as well as international levels. Within a span of 1.5 years, LL.B Mania has established itself as an emerging legal blog in-country and has also been ranked 90 in the Top 100 blogs by Feedspot. Our readers include Lawyers, Advocates, Judges, Academicians, Law Students, and laymen. We are currently having 10,000+ monthly viewership and we are growing at a pace of 400-500+ viewers every consecutive month. Within a short span of 1 year, our 50+ articles are ranking top 5 on Google which makes our blog readable by the public at the international level as our team focuses a lot on the SEO of the article.

So, if you are a:

  1. Lawyer/Advocate who is willing to publish great legal content on the Internet;
  2. An Academician who wants to get his/her commentary on Legal Issues Recent amendments or Contemporary Issues to be published;
  3. Law Student who is looking out to publish his/her well-researched article or blog to be published

Then LL.B Mania will be a perfect fit for you to publish your work.

We publish only Original & Authentic pieces that are meant for exclusive publication at LL.B Mania Blog.

The categories of manuscripts that we publish are as follows:

  1. BLOG on Recent Issues: 1200-1500 words
  2. Articles including a comprehensive analysis of the topic: 2000-4500 words
  3. Case Commentaries which include analysis of the judgment: 1500-2500 words
  4. Opinion Pieces on Recent Amendments or Legislation: 1000-1200 words

*The sources should be hyperlinked in the manuscripts across all the categories, we do not prefer manuscripts where sources are not hyperlinked. Kindly avoid using footnotes & endnotes.

Publication Policy

Within a short period, we can reach a global audience due to our strict publication policy and ethics.

  1. We donโ€™t publish any manuscript straightaway which we receive.
  2. We have a 2-tier editing process.
  3. Moreover, we use Turnitin software for plagiarism checks.
  4. The authors sending their articles should ensure that their manuscript is not plagiarised and unpublished.
  5. There should not be many grammatical errors and the plagiarism limit is 10%.
  6. Any article which is more than our threshold limit of plagiarism we straightaway reject.

How to publish your manuscript with us?

To submit your article, you need to mail your manuscript at cc to with the subject line Submission_Category of Manuscript_Area of Law*

*Category of the manuscript includes Blog, Article, Case Commentary, Opinion Piece; Whereas Area of Law may be Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, IPR, Sports Law, Civil Law, Business Law, etc.

If you have written about something which is based on current happenings and which will lose novelty in 2-3 days then you are required to send that manuscript with the Subject Expedite Submission_Category of Manuscript.

Moreover, the authors are required to send a brief background of them in 2 lines along with their Linkedin id.

All the manuscripts should be sent in .docx or .doc format, any manuscript which will be sent in PDF will be directly rejected.

The Publication process will take around 3-7 working days and there are no hidden charges or fees for publishing with us. The publication process is absolutely free of cost.

Promotional Posts

In case, you wish to submit an article for the sake of backlinks to your landing pages, or for the promotion of your products or services, then such articles are not to be submitted via the above link rather you can just reach out to We will charge a small amount of fee for such promotional articles.