“Choosing law as a career wasn’t easy, it was a roller coaster ride”

Mam! Please tell about Yourself

Hi, My name is Mansi Chhabra, Currently, I am in 3rd year of B.A LL.B (Hons) from the Institute of Law, Nirma University. Presently, I am working as Social Media and Outreach Head for Law Laboratory.

How did you enter into law as a career?

Choosing law as a career wasn’t easy, it was a roller coaster ride. Just like a phase that most students go through, I also faced the same. I took commerce in my 11th grade which indicated that I would pursue either CA or CS but it wasn’t so. I wasn’t very sure of my career choice. This dilemma continued. Then gradually, after observing my grandfather who is an advocate, my interest developed in the field of law, and I liked the way, he would discuss cases with his clients. He often taught me the nitty-gritty of law, then I decided to give law a shot, so started preparing for CLAT.

Are you going to be a 1st generation lawyer or you are from a law background?

I am going to be the first generation lawyer from my paternal side but in maternal side family, my grandfather is an Advocate.

What are your plans once you graduate from law school?

After I graduate from law school, I aspire to become an independent researcher but I haven’t restricted myself to this area also, as I believe in exploring and grabbing the best that would come in my way.

Was there any turning point in your law journey to date which changed your perspective towards the law career or legal fraternity – Any such experience would you like to share with us?

I admitted myself into law school with the idea of wearing a black coat and visiting courts but with the passing of my semesters of study in my 2nd year of law school I came across Law Laboratory which changed my outlook towards legal fraternity. The way they assisted law students even during their initial years, was impressive. I wanted to know and explore more about it.  It was a completely new concept. 

I concluded that law doesn’t restrict itself to courts and office but there are various magnificent paths attached to it. It is only about exploring till you find the best.

Can you give us a glimpse of the law laboratory and works undertaken by the team?

We at Law Laboratory provide various services to the students in the education sector like Exam Notes, Professional CVs, publication of research, etc. Law Laboratory’s goal is to provide you with round-the-clock services that will lessen your dread for law subjects by providing notes & case law booklets, or being your 3 am moot partner to resume drafting, internships, workshops, and every other possible assistance that would ease your legal voyage.

How did you get in touch with Law Laboratory?

I came to know about Law Laboratory through Instagram. The major social media platform for our organization is Instagram. I was receiving regular updates. One day they posted an opportunity to work as a legal content writer. I applied for the position and my application got approved. So yes, this is how I got in touch with the law Laboratory.

Tell us about your journey with Law Laboratory till now?

Till now, it has been remarkable. The journey has been of ebb and flow. Embarking my journey from the position of a legal content writer to the social media head has contributed much in my professional and personal life. My knowledge has improved a lot. Coming from a non-law background then stepping into this profession and finally, an acquaintance with Law Laboratory has completely changed my perception about the law.

Initially, I was allocated with some small project but gradually the concerned person who was looking after the overall activity and growth of the organization started esteeming my work. With that my position got accelerated bit by bit. 

I felt good that I was able to contribute in my little way to the organization. This push eventually boosted my confidence and it was absolutely clear in my mind that I wanted to move the graphs of the organization. And it wasn’t one-sided, the organization has also supported me beyond my expectations, and where I am today is because of the trust between me and the organization.

How did you expand yourself with Law Laboratory?

Expansion is not an individualโ€™s growth itโ€™s a company as a whole that grows. This organization has been a blessing for my career. 

The working culture of the organization is amicable and adaptable. 

As it is a student-driven organization, so everything is done considering their schedule. 

We are given adequate time to complete our work and the only pre-requisite is to submit the work by the given deadlines. We are also given surplus time and our colleagues are always there for us. The organization has always persuaded me to achieve more from my work. 

Meanwhile, I started interacting with people and people started knowing me.

Then my position got an up-gradation and I became the social media and outreach head for Law Laboratory. Now I deal with the bulk audience and coordinate with all the activities of the organization. 

Ultimately with the combined efforts of the whole team of Law Laboratory, the organization moved in a direction to reach heights.

What are your plans to extend the Law Laboratory? 

Focusing on my current position and the plans of extension, this organization will have one thing in common i.e. hard work, perseverance, and patience which have given me this position, and the same formula applies to the organization. 

Nothing comes without hard and smart work. The future of this organization is bright as it has a group of like-minded people.

You are working with a new avenue and it is a completely different horizon in the field of law. What advice you will give to the student who is pursuing law about the scope in this avenue?

Law has various options but I was not much aware of this avenue. 

This is completely different from the actual picture of law that a layperson usually has. As moving ahead with time and technology, the understanding of people is also evolving. I can’t advise as of now, as my journey is still ongoing but I would recommend every law student to not to restrict themselves to only one area. Explore yourself and you never know when you come across the hidden talent in yourself. 

Whatever position I am holding today is because I explored myself and exposed to every situation which gave me the direction to see my hidden side. 

Make yourself vulnerable and passionate in whatever area you choose to work as it will never make you tired of the work you are doing and each day you will grow with the new you. 

Success comes only by exploring and exposing yourself. Thatโ€™s the only formula to achieve what you desire.