Be the Voice Today! – Increasing Crime Against Women

Be the Voice Today! – Increasing Crime Against Women

By Sneha Gupta (NMIMS Indore)

What are we hearing now a days?

Rape? Murder? Cyber crimes? Sexual harassment? But why and when it will stop? We have no answers, right? So do you ever wonder why there is no answer to this question? We are having laws, punishments still! So problem is no strict laws ,no strict punishments. Remember case of nirbhaya? How long it last- 7 years! Do you think how long is the wait of 7 years for her family and people screaming for justice? And in my opinion if all the cases are going to take 7 years or so for justice then this is not going to improve at all. I am targeting process not judiciary or court bench. This country need some special measures to solve this and this can only be made possible if there is participation of each and every citizen. We should try to understand our responsibility.

Myths of all blame game is over now-

All blames on girls for short dresses- then why 3-4 month babies are raped?

All the blames on girls for moving out in night- are 3-4 month babies partying outside?

From new born babies to 90 year old women. These rascals left none. Where is humanity? Is this a developing country ? Developing in what ? 70 years over and still gender disparity prevails.

Measures every girl and women should take. We should improve ourselves rather waiting for this country to improve because we all know ….

Self defense is becoming very important now a days and training centers and camps should be organised for the same.

Every girl and women have right to self defense and can even harm the man if necessary. Remember section 100 of IPC ,Right to private defence of the body extends to causing death .

If facing cyber bullying instantly complaint to the online registered site. Remember you are not the object which can be used by anyone.

If travelling outside suggested to keep a pocket knife with you. In this cruel world you have to look after your safety

Social media play a very important role in influencing public. So online campaigns can be very useful to voice yourself.

Injustice should not be tolerated anymore. Keeping aside all politics people should genuinely help in getting justice. Now a days we see it can be any topic political parties play their own game in order to get highlights but listen to me public is not fool, they understand every tactics and foul plays of the political parties

So there is much more to speak on this never ending topic. But today i would like to conclude by saying this –

She is goddess, she is mother, she is sister, she is wife, she is daughter, she is everything. Consider her a very important and beautiful part of your life. Respect her.

“Injustice anywhere is threat to justice everywhere”– Martin Luther king.

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