Constitutional Law

Drafting of Indian Constitution

By Shivi Khare

The process making of a constitution was started in December 1946 whose foundation stone was actually laid down a long time ago. During the freedom fight journey, the extremists also tried to construct a constitution for our country in the year 1857. Though their ideas were suppressed at that time but the dream of having our own constitution remained alive in the hearts of the people. As the fight of our independence was a taking a major and successful turn under mahatma Gandhi’s leadership the demand for having our own constitution also started becoming stronger.

For the first time the three cabinet ministers of his majesty’s government were sent to India, and this was called as the cabinet mission. Because of the fear of the mass action the British empire immediately accepted our condition and as soon as Jawaharlal Nehru returned to India within three days of his return a meeting of constituent assembly was fixed for the drafting of the constitution.

Not only The Intactness, integrity and autonomy of India but also the unity and equality of the independent India was proposed by Jawaharlal Nehru. the start of the fifth session of the constituent assembly was on a historical day 15 august,1947. In this session it was concluded that writing of the constitution shall be started. Apart from the basic rights one more thing was added to our constitution that was the directive principles of state policy (DPSP). If there is any inconsistency in the society then it effects the minorities first and that is the reason why the makers of the constitution were very concerned about the rights of the minorities and backward classes.

It is said that the root cause for a fight are three factors namely money, woman and land. The epic Mahabharata also happened because of the disputes regarding land, then how could the zamindars and kings of India easily give away their part or share of land for the new independent and constitutional India. In these circumstances a special committee was formed. Shri K.M.Munshi and Shri Gopal swami Iyengar were given a task to formulate a idea through which everyone gets satisfied on the ground of language. Indian constitution stands on due to the support of the three pillars of democracy they are the legislature, executive and the judiciary. In the constituent assembly over the period of three years there were many proposals given regarding articles and points or clauses to be added, few them were added and few were rejected. At the end the preamble to the constitution of India was drafted. Preamble is the document that comes at the very first page of the Indian constitution. The preamble is called as the introduction to the Indian constitution.

Today after 6 decades when we look back at our constitution we are amazed by the creativity and intelligence of the people who drafted this document named constitution.

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